Strawberry Cream Smoothie

A few weeks ago, I discovered the most simple and incredibly delicious smoothie I have ever made. It is also packed with carbohydrates and contains only four ingredients. Enjoy!

IMG_3003 - BLOGPit 20 or more dates and put them in your blender together with two full droppers of Vanilla Crème Sweet Drops (Stevia). Then add about two cups worth of strawberries, I use frozen ones for a nice and cool smoothie. Lastly, fill up the pitcher of the blender with about one and a half liter, 0.4 gallons, of water. Avoid filling the pitcher up all the way to the edge.

IMG_3015 - BLOGPour into a glass jar and enjoy this crazy delicious smoothie, which tastes just like a strawberry vanilla popsicle! The sweetness and calories come mainly from the dates. I only use the stevia for the vanilla crème flavor.

IMG_3022 - BLOGAfter a while, the smoothie will begin to ”rise”, which means a foam will form on top. After a few hours, this foam will become more solid, which reminds me of a strawberry mousse. I usually eat the foam layer before I begin to drink the rest of the smoothie, haha!

IMG_3009 - BLOG IMG_2995 - BLOGI hope you enjoy this simple recipe!

Be happy and clean, stay fruity and green!


Smoothies on My Mind

For breakfast and lunch, I mostly have smoothies. They are easy to make, easy to take with you, easy to consume, and they digest very well. Another big bonus is that you can easily stick to a combination of fruits and veggies that you like, or you can keep on being creative and try out lots of new recipes. Think of it as a period of trial and error where most of the smoothies are likely to turn out great. I would not exactly call it a fail-safe food, because I sure have messed up a few times!

Yesterday, I made a delicious and nutritious green smoothie for lunch. This is not as high in calories as I usually make them, but it is packed with good stuff that will nourish your body.


In my high-speed blender, I have thrown in the following ingredients:

4 apples – use your favorite kind, I used Royal Gala
a big chunk of cucumber – I cut off about a 3-inch piece
a piece of ginger, pealed – about a 1-inch piece
1 banana – make sure it is spotty and ripe!
Pineapple – I used a canned version, which was not organic. I have never found organic pineapple at any store where I live, and I really wanted it in my smoothie. The canned version is simply pineapple in its own juice. This variety came in chunks.
A big handful of spinach
2 cups of water

Blend away and enjoy! 


I find that when you want to add greens to your smoothies, they taste much better when combined with a juicy and sweet fruit. I highly recommend adding mangoes and/or pineapple. Also, I recently discovered how well ginger and pineapple taste together, so a head’s up to all of you who are fond of juicing.

And please, do your best to find as many organic alternatives as possible. Organic is so much better for your body and its internal system since you do not burden it with nasty pesticides.

Be happy and clean, stay fruity and green!