Where Do You Get Your Protein?

I often try to sneak in as many fully raw days per week as possible. Yesterday was one of those days, and I have to say I feel so different eating fully raw than I do eating Raw till 4. Although I love my potatoes, rice, pizza, and pasta, I cannot get over the fact that I constantly seem to ride on my highest frequency while being 100% raw. I instantly feel happier, lighter and stronger while being on fruit than being on cooked carbs. Do not get me wrong, I feel great eating cooked carbs, but eating raw fruits and vegetables just give me that extra dose of awesome!

Below, you will find a print screen of yesterday’s food diary. I use Cronometer for that which is an excellent site that calculates all the nutritional values in the food you consume. The site is both free and easy to use, which is great, so I highly recommend it for those of you who are interested. You can also choose which nutritional program to follow, whether it is the 80/10/10 or something else.

I often get asked about my protein and where I get it from. The same people then tend to look at all the fruit I eat and visualise only how many sugar cubes that amount of fruit would be equal to. They rarely think of all the vitamins and minerals all that fruit contain, which are imperative to humans, and which I do not have to supplement through a pill. The only thing I do supplement is vitamin B12, which most people who eat meat should do too. I will publish a separate post regarding B12, so stay tuned for that! Other than that, I always make sure I get all my nutrients first hand straight from nature, not recycled through an animal’s tissue and fat or from a lab. And as seen below, I get plenty of protein from the fruit that I eat. Protein is not exclusive for meat or green vegetables. It can be found in fruit as well.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 09.05.18

Hmm.. Seems as if I covered the nutritional fields pretty well. A little low on calcium and selenium, sodium should always be kept to a minimum so I am happy about that one. Calcium and selenium are usually covered other days so I am not worried about them being a little low on occasion.

I do not always add the things I eat and drink into Cronometer. I normally do it whenever I suspect I have eaten too few calories in order to check if I need to eat more. I always make sure I eat a minimum of 2500 kcal per day, but ideally I eat around 3000 and more. No calorie restriction! Eat as much as you want! I guarantee you will thrive and get every single nutrient that you need. Another important thing is that you never have to obsess about how much to eat and what to eat or when to eat. I simply eat when I am hungry, and I eat until I am full and satisfied. The fact that I use Cronometer is mostly out of curiosity, to see what all the things that I eat contain and what they provide my body with. Health has become my personal hobby, but my main focus in life is not revolving around food, health and weight. In fact, I have more time now to do the things I truly enjoy because I do not have to worry about anything concerning my weight or my health.

Be happy and clean, stay fruity and green!


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