Strawberry Cream Smoothie

A few weeks ago, I discovered the most simple and incredibly delicious smoothie I have ever made. It is also packed with carbohydrates and contains only four ingredients. Enjoy!

IMG_3003 - BLOGPit 20 or more dates and put them in your blender together with two full droppers of Vanilla Crème Sweet Drops (Stevia). Then add about two cups worth of strawberries, I use frozen ones for a nice and cool smoothie. Lastly, fill up the pitcher of the blender with about one and a half liter, 0.4 gallons, of water. Avoid filling the pitcher up all the way to the edge.

IMG_3015 - BLOGPour into a glass jar and enjoy this crazy delicious smoothie, which tastes just like a strawberry vanilla popsicle! The sweetness and calories come mainly from the dates. I only use the stevia for the vanilla crème flavor.

IMG_3022 - BLOGAfter a while, the smoothie will begin to ”rise”, which means a foam will form on top. After a few hours, this foam will become more solid, which reminds me of a strawberry mousse. I usually eat the foam layer before I begin to drink the rest of the smoothie, haha!

IMG_3009 - BLOG IMG_2995 - BLOGI hope you enjoy this simple recipe!

Be happy and clean, stay fruity and green!


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